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Thinking better thoughts

About The Author

Pat Moore often thinks about growing up in New Hampshire with seven siblings — five were younger than she. Those memories have evolved into a lifetime fondness for children.

She has adored being a mother, stepmother and grandmother. Pat has six grandchildren (and a granddaughter expected in the fall of 2022), many nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews.

She is writing a series of “Happy Town” books to guide youngsters (and adults) to thinking better (happier & wiser) thoughts, acting with love & kindness, and enjoying the magic that surrounds us every day.

Pat has always loved books and writing. She enjoys participating with her friends in writer groups and book clubs.

She holds a BA from the University of Maryland and an MS from George Washington University. She and her husband established PMR Communications Group in 2003. They live in Virginia.

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Some recent years have been about working on mindfulness for children with their troubles. Helping them develop coping skills for handling difficult situations and encouraging them to learn the lesson of being compassionate toward others. Pat M. Moore’s mindfulness book for children, “Welcome to Happy Town,” will help your kids discover the true value of being kind and compassionate while on their life journey.

Welcome to Happy Town is a children’s kindness and compassion book that illustrates how little ones can feel wholesome by being sympathetic to themselves and the people around them. The book reminds us that nature’s music, mystery, and miracles are all around us, but they usually go unnoticed.

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Are your children fond of Halloween? The answer is most likely YES! Halloween is the favorite holiday for children because it allows them to collect sweets and spend quality time with their families while trick-or-treating or playing “spooktacular” games! Children’s Halloween books, Halloween activities, games, and costumes foster children’s creativity, decision-making freedom, and communication skills with peers and adults alike.

 Author Pat M. Moore has penned down a joyful Halloween book for children, “The Pumpkins of Happy Town,” which describes how Happy Town’s kids dearly adore Halloween celebrations by carving various faces on the pumpkins. Happy Towners find happiness in their world every day, and the festivities of Halloween heighten their excitement and joy for pumpkins and everything about them, from their color to the hundreds of seeds within.



One of the most meaningful aspects of Christmas is the sharing of love. Christmas books for children depict the most invaluable lessons that nothing beats the spirit of giving and caring for others, especially the needy, during the Christmas season. Many people, particularly the poor, feel immensely grateful for the kind gesture that we show them.

Pat Moore has written a heartwarming classic illustrated children’s book, “Happy Town Happy Holidays,” that teaches children the sole significance of Christmas, that this sacred holiday celebrates life, love, and unity. Pat has emphasized the importance of adapting these special holiday attributes in our daily life routine through her storytelling books for children. In her book, Pat shares a heartfelt message that our children’s future and that of the world rely on how many of us can live a life of love, acceptance, joy, sharing, and caring and that this can be achieved much easier than we think.

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If you’re bored of doing the same Groundhog Day activities year after year, you should look into some amazing groundhog books for kids—author Pat M. More has written an exciting children’s illustration book that gives little readers insight into Groundhog Day. Parents and teachers can also introduce their kids to many Groundhog Day arts and crafts activities that are fun and exciting to attempt. Groundhog Day has a rich history, and there are numerous ways to make it a memorable experience for your little ones. Pat has included an amusing story about Groundhog Day being celebrated in the Happy Town that will keep your kids entertained on this special day.

Pats groundhog book starts with a series of tongue twisters that will make the children giggle. The amusing illustration and narratives will help kids to appreciate all of nature and to recognize that animals have superpowers too.


Welcome to the Children's Books Collection, Filled with Invaluable Lessons and Endearing Characters for your Little One's

Many children live in a very limited environment, so reading classic illustrated children’s books can expose them to far-flung places, extraordinary people, and eye-opening situations, which can broaden and enrich their world. It can also be a great way to help them deal with real-life situations in which they require assistance. Author Pat M. Moore presents a remarkable children’s book collection filled with fascinating stories and endearing characters that will let your kids’ imaginations fly high and help them solve real-life problems.

Reading classic children’s books has always been a powerful and enjoyable method to help kids fall in love with reading and learning new things. But what is even better are children’s books collection, and author Pat Moore’s four classic illustrated children’s books are what your kid needs, allowing them to immerse themselves in the storytelling world that will captivate their imagination for months or even years to come.

Storytelling books for children play a significant role in the kids’ minds. When the little ones read a book in a series, it improves their reading fluency, understanding, social-emotional skills, knowledge, and vocabulary on a specific subject. It also makes reading the following books in a trilogy simpler and more amusing — even for reluctant readers.

Fascinating Children’s Book Collection for your Kids to Read at their Bedtime

Pat Moore’s beautiful children’s book collection will appeal to young and old bookworms! From riveting adventures to enthralling stories for kids to unleash their inner explorers and so much more! Moore’s heartwarming classic children’s books are the ones your little ones will dearly enjoy during their bedtime stories.

Storytelling has always been a fantastic way to spend time with and bond with a child. Children value and remember the times they spend with loved ones, and telling stories that inspire and impress kids can help them form strong long-lasting bonds. When you tell a story, you are broadening their minds and instilling values and virtues that they will carry with them as they grow older. They will take these stories, along with the lessons they contain, and possibly pass them on to their children. Author Pat Moore’s delightful stories with invaluable lessons are here to instill compassion, empathy, wisdom, and honesty in your kids and inspire them to do good meaningful things in life! 

Beautifully Illustrated Children's books that let your Kids Fantasize about their Magical Realm.

Beautiful children’s picture books are special because they tell a story with detailed illustrations. Many different styles of children’s picture books feature exquisite illustrations with various styles. Author Pat Moore’s classic illustrated children’s books feature eye-catching artwork that will be appreciated by readers of all ages, whether it’s collage illustrations, doodles, or even bold paintings. Pat Moore’s children’s books are about hope, love, beauty, adventure, and bravery. And, with stunning illustrations, they provide a soothing respite from our hectic world – and a reminder that art can be found in children’s books.

Moore’s beautiful and classic children’s books are also a wonderful reminder that picture books are not just for tiny toddlers; these remarkable stories are more suited to kids in the early and even middle years of elementary school that, allow them to dream big, reach for the sky and never give up on their dreams! Check out the author’s fascinating children’s book collection on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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GM (August 19, 2022)
Today, we are seeing so many of our young adults
confused, discouraged, and unhappy. This is true from our rural communities to our urban centers. Even our most successful young adults say they are unhappy. Harvard Business School, tracking recent and highly successful graduates, has found that unhappiness [is] a serious concern.

And yet, over the millennia, religions, and philosophers (from the Jesuits to the Buddhists to the transcendentalists to the Druids), and today, psychologists and therapists, often provide the same, two-part answer:

1) be present in the moment – experience the beauty and wonder of the world around you that everyone can see if they open themselves up to it;

2) create a life habit of seeing and recording these wonderful things, and frame your daily thinking around being grateful for your beautiful life.

Everyone can do this … or they can focus on the negative, see their lives through a dark and difficult lens and be unhappy.

Pat’s book is a training manual for young children to begin to develop these habits of presence and gratitude, and, in so doing, set themselves on a course for a happy and very satisfying life.

It is a children’s book, but it is also deceptively sophisticated message for young (and older) adults.

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Robert Eager (August 20, 2022)
This clear and beautiful illustrated book opens awareness of the
big and wonderful world all around us to appreciate and enjoy.
And to appreciate ourselves and each of us.
I particularly liked the way the narrative progressed
and built up, expanded, and deepened.
The wondrous nighttime image at the end is terrific.
I look forward to reading this to my grandchildren
and believe it will open up conversations about
growing up experiences in our family.
I highly recommend this book.

Kimberly Brokema (August 17. 2022)
An innovative and creative approach to help children
“think better thoughts.”
The book is a joy to read because it pulls children into
the process of focusing on the wonders of life all around them.
This will be especially helpful for children struggling with the after-effects of COVID isolation. Highly recommended for the clear text, which helps children use their imagination and
visualize the book’s positive themes. The colorful, cheerful pictures invite fun conversations between  parents, grandparents, and children.

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Francesca Gorgone  August 20, 2022)
Fun book for all ages that reminds us to see
the beauty every day in our lives.

cofeeking (August 15, 2022)
This is an excellent, up-beat book for children!
Highly recommend!

Bob Tetreault, Jr.
Pictures and text work well together.
Reading this book feels like a warm hug and a positive vibration.
The best bedtime story.

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