Ophelia: Happy Town’s Oldest Oak Tree

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Ophelia: Happy Town’s Oldest Oak Tree

Ophelia is a wise, old oak tree. She’s filled with love and stories about her many friends & her connections with the Earth.

Ophelia adores the kids who climb up her trunk and the animals & insects who live in her branches. She enjoys creating shade on warm summer days for those who read and have picnics under her limbs & leaves.

In this book, you will also meet some of Ophelia’s friends: Moon and his sister, Sun, love to hug Ophelia; she loves it, too! Ebony is a long-time companion. As a child, she liked singing songs about rainbows while swinging on a swing that hung from one of Ophelia’s strong arms. Colin is another lifetime pal. When he was a boy, he was keen to collect acorns, plant them in the earth, and watch them miraculously grow into new trees.

Adults and children will enjoy Ophelia’s stories while simultaneously learning about trees and their vast contributions to life on our planet. They will relish watching Ophelia’s changes with each new season and throughout her lifetime.

You may want to read this book in the shade of a big, old tree before jumping in its fallen leaves or before collecting acorns. When you finish reading, you will likely feel a greater connection and appreciation for Mother Earth and the life she creates & supports.