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Thinking better thoughts


GM (August 19, 2022)
Today, we are seeing so many of our young adults
confused, discouraged, and unhappy. This is true from our rural communities to our urban centers. Even our most successful young adults say they are unhappy. Harvard Business School, tracking recent and highly successful graduates, has found that unhappiness [is] a serious concern.

And yet, over the millennia, religions, and philosophers (from the Jesuits to the Buddhists to the transcendentalists to the Druids), and today, psychologists and therapists, often provide the same, two-part answer:

1) be present in the moment – experience the beauty and wonder of the world around you that everyone can see if they open themselves up to it;

2) create a life habit of seeing and recording these wonderful things, and frame your daily thinking around being grateful for your beautiful life.

Everyone can do this … or they can focus on the negative, see their lives through a dark and difficult lens and be unhappy.

Pat’s book is a training manual for young children to begin to develop these habits of presence and gratitude, and, in so doing, set themselves on a course for a happy and very satisfying life.

It is a children’s book, but it is also deceptively sophisticated message for young (and older) adults.

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Robert Eager (August 20, 2022)
This clear and beautiful illustrated book opens awareness of the
big and wonderful world all around us to appreciate and enjoy.
And to appreciate ourselves and each of us.
I particularly liked the way the narrative progressed
and built up, expanded, and deepened.
The wondrous nighttime image at the end is terrific.
I look forward to reading this to my grandchildren
and believe it will open up conversations about
growing up experiences in our family.
I highly recommend this book.

Kimberly Brokema (August 17. 2022)
An innovative and creative approach to help children
“think better thoughts.”
The book is a joy to read because it pulls children into
the process of focusing on the wonders of life all around them.
This will be especially helpful for children struggling with the after-effects of COVID isolation. Highly recommended for the clear text, which helps children use their imagination and
visualize the book’s positive themes. The colorful, cheerful pictures invite fun conversations between  parents, grandparents, and children.

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Francesca Gorgone  August 20, 2022)
Fun book for all ages that reminds us to see
the beauty every day in our lives.

cofeeking (August 15, 2022)
This is an excellent, up-beat book for children!
Highly recommend!

Bob Tetreault, Jr.
Pictures and text work well together.
Reading this book feels like a warm hug and a positive vibration.
The best bedtime story.

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A unique entertaining & educational rhyming book about 3 “Happy Town” Holidays.
A wonderful rhyming book which entertains and educates. In her third book in the “Happy Town” series, Pat Moore explains to children of all ages that Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa share important values.

The delightful rhyming scheme takes the reader into the magical world of these holidays. With memorable & colorful illustrations, it demonstrates what they have in common.

Highly recommended for its original approach in reinforcing love, compassion and sharing.


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We have all of the Happy Town books so far and this one did not disappoint! Happy Town’s Happy Holidays is an educational and entertaining introduction to celebrating some of our country’s diverse ‘Holidays.’ The book’s rhyming pattern greatly enhances the joy of reading aloud. Makes a great gift for children too!

Jade Ashley

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We have purchased all 3 of this authors books and will purchase anymore she publishes! Very positive and educational at the same time!

Laurie H. Balatsos

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A wonderful book for all kids to be shared with the adults in their lives. Read aloud! Fun & informative.

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I loved reading this entertaining and educational story. I learned a few things myself that I never knew. This comes highly recommended, I enjoyed it

Bob Tetreault jr.
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As I was reading the book to the grand girls, I realized this was the first time they had heard of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. They had so many questions. The book answered them beautifully in rhyme. The illustrations were cheerful, colorful and each child’s face was shining with joy. I love Christmas books. I have a stash I have collected for years. I put them up each Christmas and drag them out again each year the day after Thanksgiving. I am going to add Happy Towns Happy Holiday to the stash!!!!

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With fun rhymes and pictures, kids and adults gain fresh perspectives as they learn about Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa traditions. They will see that each of these December holidays celebrate light, life, hope and love.

HAPPY TOWN’S HAPPY HOLIDAYS encourages people everywhere to embrace a life of caring for ourselves, family and friends as we share with and accept others.

M. W.
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This is a delightful book that provides excitement and meaning about the holiday season. It emphasizes the connection between Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. It shares the traditions of each and shows how each focuses on giving and being a light for others. Children and adults benefit from focusing on what unites these celebrations. The book, like the others in the series, is full of colorful and interesting illustrations. This book is fun to read aloud since it cleverly reads like poetry and rhymes. You and the children in your life will be eagerly awaiting the next verse. You will leave with a smile on your face and appreciate the messages of compassion and connection.

Ann V
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Not only is it delightful and educational, but it brings a message of love and unity at time both are so badly needed. Happy holidays!

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The latest Happy Town book about the holidays is absolutely wonderful! We read the story with our child who quite enjoyed looking at the colorful pictures and loved the rhyming! The book does a good job describing each of the three holiday traditions, and we enjoyed learning new things about the holiday traditions as well. We are also grateful the author found a way to help children (and parents) dig deeper and think about what is important during the holidays — the idea of giving and helping people while being a faithful light for others. The Happy Town books are each lovely stories, and our family highly recommends each of the three. We look forward to more Happy Town books to read together!

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Our seven year old grandson was impressed with the colorful cover that invited him to hear what was going on in the book. He settled in to have story time with his grandmother, and he listened intently to the book(s) despite fatigue from his vigorous activities during the day. While he knows one holiday well, this book expanded his awareness of other individuals and how they celebrate their holidays. Everyone lives together with shared cultures in Happy Town. Good lessons learned all the way around!

Dr. T
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Pat Moore’s Happy Town’s Happy Holidays is a beautiful, timely gift for the Holidays. It focuses on Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa and the values they share in common. Both children and adults will appreciate its colorful message.

William Ferris

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My 5 year old got this for an early holiday present. It was perfect! We celebrate both Channukah and Christmas, it was so nice to have both holidays in one book. And it was great to learn about Kwanzaa as well!

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This book is another up-beat, educational gem. Your children — if they’re anything like mine — will love it!

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My 5 year old got this for an early holiday present. It was perfect! We celebrate both Channukah and Christmas, it was so nice to have both holidays in one book. And it was great to learn about Kwanzaa as well!

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